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Queen's Court by Teleflora

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Grandpa Joe's Local Mix Chocolate Box

Grandpa Joe's Local Mix Chocolate Box

When you really want to make a grand impression on someone special, choose this regal arrangement. Roses, in every possible shade of pink, are so beautifully arranged in an exclusive silver Mercury Glass Bowl, there's no doubt you'll be treated like royalty when you send it!

  • Orientation : All-Around

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • Due to an increase in the cost of flowers during high holiday times prices will change accordingly.

  • Standard


  • Deluxe


  • Premium



This antiqued mercury glass pedestal bowl is from Teleflora's exclusive Flowers-in-a-Gift collection. This stunning keepsake will be enjoyed for years to come.

Standard - $175.00

Deluxe - $25.05

Premium - $25.05